Send custom scheduler links in bulk

In many cases, you'll be copying and pasting your scheduler link directly into personal emails with someone you're trying to schedule a time with. Some customers even keep the link in their email signature.

However, there are some scenarios in which sending the scheduler links through Spark Hire will be more beneficial. 

For example:
  • You're trying to schedule the same type of event with a ton of people at once.
  • You need to send the link, but only want one of your event types to appear as an option.
  • You're in a situation which requires you to change which calendars are taken into account.
Sending scheduler links through Spark Hire gives you the option to customize some things about the link you send. 

To send scheduler links through Spark Hire, click Send scheduler links in the top right of any page related to the scheduler.

Adding recipients

The first step to sending scheduler links is to add recipients. Similar to inviting candidates to interviews on Spark Hire, you have two options for adding recipients:
  • Enter their names and email addresses
  • Upload a csv file to populate the names and email addresses
If you choose to use the csv file option, there should be two columns in your csv file - full name and email address.

Customize link settings

Once you've added your recipients, you can customize the link settings:

Which event type do you want people to schedule with you?

Check the box next to event types you want to appear in the dropdown menu on the scheduling page that loads for your recipients. This ensures that your recipients will only be able to request a specific event type.

Which calendars do you want to base your availability on?

Check the box next to the calendar(s) you want to be taken into account when your recipients request a time with you.

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