Instructions for participating in a Live Interview

Participating in a Live Interview

1. Visit your Interviews page.

2. Find the Live Interview you want to enter and click "Enter". This does not start the interview. You'll be able to prepare before being connected.

3. A page with a video tutorial will load. After watching the video, click "Proceed to Interview" to start your technical setup:

  • Adobe Flash Player: Click "Allow", check the "Remember" checkbox, and click "Close"
  • Webcam: Use the dropdown menu to select a webcam until you can see yourself in the webcam preview. Click "Save" to move to the next step.
  • Microphone: Use the dropdown menu to select a microphone until you see the volume meter filling up with color. You can use the volume meter to adjust the volume of your microphone. We always recommend starting with a low microphone volume to reduce echo. Click "Save" when you're done setting up your microphone.
4. After you've finished the technical setup, you'll have an opportunity to do a final check. When your satisfied with your settings, click "Enter Interview."

5. Our system will start routing you and the other party to the server with the optimal video connection for your Live Interview. Once the server is determined, you'll be instantly connected to the other party assuming they have also entered the interview.

6. When the interview is done, click "Finish Interview" to exit.

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