Creating an Open Interview Invitation

An Open Interview Invitation is a simple and quick way to invite your candidates to a One-Way Interview on Spark Hire.

  • Personalize your interview invitation process by sharing this link in a personal email to a candidate
  • Paste the link in a "Thank you for applying" email auto-responder to direct your candidates to the next step in the hiring process
  • Share the link on social networks and job boards to increase your candidate pool and spread the word about your interview 

From our experience, a more personalized approach to inviting candidates to a video interview leads to a higher interview conversion (completion) rate.

Here's how it works:

1. Start creating a new interview.

2. Select a job you want to associate the interview with and then click the option for Open Interview and then the Continue button.

3. Create the interview questions you'd like to ask your candidates in their video interview. On this page, you'll have some additional functionality as well. When you're done creating your questions, click the "Continue" button.

4. Now it's time to set a deadline for your Open Interview. There are two types of deadlines:

Absolute Deadline: An absolute deadline means that all of your candidates will have the same exact deadline. The Open Interview will expire on this date. Once it expires, candidates will no longer be able to complete their interview.

Relative Deadline: A relative deadline means that your candidates will have a specific number of days to complete their interview once they accept the invitation.

Once you've set your deadline, you can create your Open Interview. The Open Interview link provided is what you'll want to share with candidates when inviting them to the video interview.

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