Adobe Flash Player crashes in Google Chrome

There is a known issue with Adobe Flash Player crashing in Google Chrome. 

There are two quick actions you can take that may resolve the issue immediately:

If these two quick actions do not work, Spark Hire suggests users take the following steps to fix the issue.

1. In the address bar of Google Chrome, type: chrome://plugins

2. Hit Enter and your Google Chrome Plug-ins will load.

3. On the Google Chrome Plug-ins page, click the Details link on the far right.

4. When the details about all of your Plug-ins expands, please find the Adobe Flash Player plug-in.

5. You'll notice there are 2 files for the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Disable the one that is associated with Google Chrome by clicking the Disable link as outlined in the screenshot below.

6. After disabling the Google Chrome Adobe Flash Player plug-in (pictured below), close and restart Google Chrome.

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