Using video questions

What is a video question?

A video question is tied to a One-Way Interview text-based question. The video plays before the candidate records their answer to the question. The goal is to make the One-Way Interview more personal and engaging. Companies on Spark Hire's Silver and Gold plans have the ability to record their own video questions or embed ones from a suggested question bank provided by Spark Hire.

How do I use video questions for my One-Way Interviews?

You have two ways to use video questions: recording your own or embedding one created by Spark Hire.

Recording a video question

1. When building your interview, click the tab labeled Questions next to your question list. This tab is where all of your video questions will be stored. Within this tab, you'll find an option to view All and My Videos. All refers to all the video questions created by your company whereas My Videos refers to questions created by you.

2. To record a new video question, click the Create button and a window with a video recorder will appear.

3. In the window that appears, enter the text for your question in the field labeled Question Text. The text you enter here is the text-based question that will appear alongside your video question when candidates do their One-Way Interview for you.

Adjust your time and take settings in the dropdown menus.

When you're ready to record your video, click Add video question and the video recorder will appear.

To record your video, click the record button in the top right corner of the video recorder. When you're done recording, click the stop button. From here, you'll have the ability to watch your recorded video. If you're satisfied with your recording, click Submit. If you want to re-record, click Re-take and the video recorder will re-appear.

4. To use your recently recorded video question, click the plus button to the left of the question

Embedding a video question from the suggested question bank

1. When building your interview, click the Suggestions tab. This will load the suggested question bank. Within this tab, you'll notice you have options for video or text questions. Click Video to load the suggested video questions.

2. When you find the video question you want to use, click the plus button to the left of the question.

Adding a video question "on the fly"

If you already started adding your text questions when building your interview, you'll notice a grey camera icon in the settings panel to the right of a specific question. When you click this camera icon, you'll have the option to record a video question on the fly.

Additional notes
  • Clicking the camera icon next to any interview question will either:
  • Load the video recorder so you can record a question
  • Open a video player so you can watch the video already associated with that question
  • In the list of questions you're adding to an interview, a blue camera icon indicates that there is a video associated with that question.

  • You can mix and match video and text questions for an interview. You don't have to create an interview with all video questions or all text questions.
  • It's important you always enter the text-version of a video question as a fall back. For example, if you switch to a plan that doesn't include the video questions feature or you delete a video question, a candidate will simply see the text-version of the question when they interview for you.

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