Send a rejection email

When you're in the process of rejecting a candidate, you'll see an option to send an email message.

When you click Send an email message, you'll be able to choose an email you've already saved as a template or create a new message.

If you're going to save your new message as a template, enter a Template name.

Next, add a Subject and the necessary info for who the candidate should Reply-to (this is essentially who the email comes from and it will be pre-populated with your user info.)

The Message body is the content of the email. Leave the merge tage {{candidate_fullname}} so it merges the receipient's full name into the email when you send it.

To save the template, click Save template and then click Send this email.

If you don't want to save it as a template, simply click Send without saving.

Your email isn't officially sent until you click Reject in the final step.

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