Managing Share Links

Since you'll be generating a lot of share links, we've made it easy for you to track and manage them.

To start, go to your Share Links page.

This page will contain all share links created by your organization.

You can filter your by using the right sidebar.

In addition, you can click any of the column headers to sort your share links by:
  • Shared with
  • Type
  • Link
  • Status
  • Opened
  • Reviewed
  • Created by
  • Updated at
When looking at your list of share links, you may notice that the Shared with, Opened, and Reviewed columns are always blank for Basic share links.

This is because Basic share links do not allow you to specify a recipient and track opens and reviews.

You'll notice a few actions for each share link.
  • Activate/Deactivate
  • Show More Details
  • Delete

Clicking the magnifying glass icon will open a modal containing details about the share link.

In this modal, you can actually click on a candidate to go straight to their interview.

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