Invite candidates to interview on Spark Hire

1. Click Create new interview on your Interviews page or from the main menu.

2. Select the type of interview you want to schedule. If you're creating an Open Interview, we recommend viewing this article.

3. If you're creating a One-Way Interview, you'll be presented with a page to build your interview. This is where you'll:

Build your interview using the tools available on this page and click Continue.

If you're creating a Live Interview, you'll automatically skip this step.

4. The final page of the interview creation process is where you'll set a deadline for your One-Way Interview or a time for your Live Interview.

Select a date, time, and time zone. Then, proceed to inviting your candidates.

Enter the full names and email address of your candidate(s). 

If you're on a Silver or Gold account, you can upload a CSV file containing 100 candidates. To do this, click CSV upload next to Add Candidates. This will provide you with instructions, a place to upload your file, and an example CSV template.

5. When you're ready to finish, click Create interview.

An email will be sent to your candidate(s) with all of the information about the interview, your company, and the job they are interviewing for. The email will contain instructions for the candidate to accept and complete the interview.

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