How to edit your photo slideshow

The photo slideshow that you create will appear on your interview invitations that you send to candidates.

It's an excellent way to show pictures of your team and office to give candidates a better feel for your organization.

To add photos to your slideshow, follow these instructions.

1. Go to the Photos tab in your Branding.

2. Find the section that says Upload new photos and either drag and drop the photos you want to add or click Select Files to manually select them from your computer. It's important to note that you must upload more than 1 photo to activate the slideshow.

3. Once your photos are added, you have the ability to add a title which serves as a caption for the photo when your candidates view it in the slideshow. To add or edit your title, select the photo in the dropdown menu under the text that says Edit slide. Enter your title and click Save slide.

To delete a slide, you can click Delete slide or to clear all slides, click the more option and then Clear all slides.

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